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Welcome!  My name is Jim Chuong. I’m an investor, author, and self-made millionaire. I have a 7-figure real estate portfolio that gives me a six-figure passive income stream and a 7-figure stock market portfolio that grows autopilot.

I come from humble beginnings, went to school, and worked a regular job like everyone else. I was able to reach Financial Freedom in my early thirties by making strategic and systematic investments in stocks and real estate over time. No tricks. Just smart, safe strategies that anyone can replicate.

If your goal is to reach Financial Freedom, I want to help you...

Many people on this journey share the same experiences, challenges, and fears:

  • not having enough time
  • having no starting capital
  • being on a work treadmill forever
  • making mistakes
  • not knowing how to start

Listen, I can totally relate. I’ve been there before. I started working for minimum wage when I was fourteen. I did what society told me to do: study hard, go to school, then graduate. All that got me was a job where I was trading my life for money, for 50 hours a week, with no end in sight. Luckily, there was a way out ...

Financial Freedom is possible for anyone!

How?  By rejecting society's work-until-you-die plan, becoming a Financial Freedom Renegade, and taking control of your financial future.   

Back when I was a teenager, both my parents worked full time to provide a decent life for me and my sister. Even still, we still clipped coupons and shopped at discount stores. There never seemed to be enough, and the 9-to-5 grind didn’t make my parents particularly happy.

Even as a teenager, I knew there had to be a better way! I bought courses, took seminars, and read voraciously on the topics of money, investing, and business. So by the time I graduated, I had already spent a decade learning how to invest.  Entering the workforce, I started apply what I had learned, and I also began to develop a systematic and simple system that suited my goals.

My patient, consistent approach took a few years - there was no overnight success. But before I knew it, I crossed the 7-figure net worth mark. Then a little while after that, I achieved a passive income that could completely replace my full-time job.  I had done it! I had escaped the 9-to-5, achieved financial freedom, and made work completely optional.

Now I’m here to show you how, Step-by-Step

I’ve partnered with my childhood friend, Steve, who is also a self-made millionaire.  He also happens to be one of the best people I know at organizing, distilling, and teaching information in a way that anybody can understand.

Not long ago, we taught an amazing nine-week bootcamp to fifty people from all walks of life - everyone got great results!

From it, we captured over forty hours of premium content, and then re-mastered, updated, and condensed it down to a concise, easy-to-follow Online Home Study Course.

And now, we’d like to share it ALL with you!

See what students are saying:

Nasreddine G, MBA, P.Eng. MASc, CEM, CMVP

I took action throughout the course, updated my investments, and organized my accounts. I now have a very clear picture for my investment strategy over the short and medium term.

I can tell you with confidence, after 9 weeks, this was money well spent! Jim and Steve, with their engineering backgrounds, bring a very logical, systematic, and down-to-earth approach to the different topics they cover. And most of the time in a very fun way!

If you're looking for a financial literacy course, this course is one of the best investments I've made!

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The 3-in-1 Financial Freedom Renegades System


We took our TOP 3 ways to achieve Financial Freedom, and combined them into a COMPLETE Step-by-Step Blueprint that condenses all the most important things we know about wealth creation. Organized in an easy-to-follow format, we’ve included topics like:

  • how to build up your seed capital to get you started
  • how to invest in the stock market
  • and how to invest in real estate for passive income

We show you exactly what we would do if we had to start from scratch.

If I had this when I started, I would be so far ahead of where I am today! 

It would have me saved years of time, not to mention saved me tens of thousands of dollars from having to learn things the hard way. 

you get these 3 essential topics:

  1. Proper Financial Fundamentals 
  2. How to Invest Safely in the Stock Market 
  3. How to Invest in Cash-Flowing Real Estate 

1. Financial Fundamentals ($1700 Value)

Don't sleep on the basics, because it’s one of the most important things that you just CAN’T ignore. You can’t build a building on a poor foundation. Same thing with wealth. That’s why most lottery winners lose all their winnings, while most millionaires can start over from scratch and make another million - a difference in fundamentals. Get your fundamentals right, and become like those millionaires.

You’ll learn things like:

  • success mindset and psychology
  • thinking the right way about money
  • overcoming fears
  • how to get started from scratch
  • avoiding deadly money traps
  • proper habits for long term wealth
  • and more!

2. Stock Market Investing ($2200 Value)

Learning to invest is a MUST. Where do you keep your money? Saving accounts don’t keep pace with inflation. And if you’re investing your money without knowing what you’re doing…. I mean… is that going to turn out well?

Our course gives you an easy strategy and teaches you how to invest safely and intelligently. You’ll get:

  • how-to guide to index investing
  • why index investing
  • how to open the right account
  • step-by-step guide to buying index funds
  • how to automate your investments
  • different types of index funds and what is right for you
  • when to buy or sell your investments
  • and more

3. Real Estate Investing and Passive Income ($5000 Value)

Do you want passive income? Everyone knows, one of the best, time-tested, tried-and-true methods of wealth creation is with real estate. But most people don’t know how to start.

Our course makes it easy, by breaking everything down and teaching, step-by-step, how to get started:

  • focused on single unit rental estate 
  • how to find cash flowing properties
  • proper due diligence
  • checklists to qualify which properties are good investment or bad investments
  • how to avoid tenant headaches and other common problems
  • what to look for in a property manager
  • how to avoid the biggest mistakes investors make
  • step-by-step guide to the tools we use for research
  • how to build Multiple Streams of Income
  • and more

You get everything in ninety-six Digestible, Easy-to-Follow videos, organized into nine modules:

You get to learn at your own pace. You can watch the videos in order, or skip ahead to your favourite topics.  And you can review any topic at any time, as often as you want. And you always have access wherever you have internet.

You also get 9 supplemental PDF workbooks, filled with notes, checklists, how-to-diagrams, and examples. We’ve included real-life case studies, tons of student Questions and Answers, and step-by-step instructions for how to do anything and everything. ($500 Value)

Now on top of that, to give you even more value, we’ve also included some bonus content inside:

  • By popular demand, we've included commentary on Bitcoin, Gold, Options Trading, and other types of Speculative Investments ($300 Value)
  • Additionally, we included a Qualitative Checklist and Guide to Individual Stock Picking for more advanced students that want to go beyond Index investing ($300 Value)
  • And finally, in each module, we include Detailed Action Steps.  These are actions for you to take - like homework assignments - that help guide you along and progress on your journey towards Financial Freedom ($500 Value)

You’ll know what to do first, what to do second, what to do third, and so on.  With the blueprint we lay out in our 3-in-1 System, all you have to do is follow the steps, and you’ll get the results.  Anyone can do it!

"Any one of these topics will help you achieve Financial Freedom - but combined together, they will help you build an impenetrable Financial Fortress that will provide you both Freedom and Security."
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Maria T. MBA

I love how Jim and Steve make (everything) so attainable and understandable. They make it available in a way so that other people can do what they did.

For me personally, I think it's great to save time and learn from someone who has done very well for themselves, and are able to convey the knowledge and make it available to other people in an easy and attainable way.

Trei S. Gr 12 Student

Whatever it is: indexes, or real estate, or crypto. You need to have some sort of foundation so you're not just shooting in the dark.

This course has been absolutely worth it for me. I've learned a ton of stuff. I've been really into (learning) real estate. But this course has opened my mind to the possibilities of index investing and how to go about picking a good investment from the crop. I definitely say, it's a must to have a course like this.


To help make this decision truly easy for you, on top of our incredible core 3-in-1 System, I’m also going to include some amazing FAST ACTION Bonuses when you act now.

ONLY available for a Limited Time!

Fast Action BONUS #1

5-FIGURE Side HUSTLE Bootcamp: How to Turn Your Hobby Into $$$

($1200 Value)

Investing wisely is your key to Financial Freedom, right?  So having more money to invest, just helps you reach Financial Freedom faster.  

What if I could show you a simple way to get more money so you can accelerate your investing? A way to take one of your hobbies - or your knowledge, your experience, or something you are already doing - and turn it into a lucrative side hustle in your spare time!

That’s what this Bonus will do. You’ll learn:

  • how to turn your hobby into a lucrative 5-Figure (plus) online side-hustle
  • the simple formula to create your own successful online business from scratch
  • how I started and grew my TikTok from scratch to over 200,000 followers 
  • how to start with almost zero startup costs 
  • how to figure out what to monetize
  • a secret technique to 2x or 3x your profits
  • and more

Don’t sleep on this! This one Bonus alone is worth the price of admission. Using this exact blueprint, I was personally able to hit multiple 5-Figures in my first week of sales.  It was incredible!

Fast Action BONUS #2

Inflation Commentary: "How to Protect Yourself and Prosper During Rising Inflation"

and Q&A Sessions

($300 Value)

Inflation is a big concern for people, especially today. If you have your savings in a bank account, inflation is slowly (or quickly) eroding it away. At the same time if you don’t know how to find good investments, you risk losing money making dumb mistakes. So it’s a rock and a hard place if you don’t know what you are doing. 

In this Bonus, I'll give you my comments inflation and some examples of what you can do about it. 

Fast Action BONUS #3

Audio Book and PDF

"Financial Freedom Now: Learn How to Escape Middle Class Poverty and Make Money Work for You!"

($30 Value)

Follow my personal journey as I outline how I went from failing my second year of university, and having no money, to having millions by my early thirties.  How I survived the dot com stock market crash, and the Financial Crisis/Real Estate Crash in 2007-2009.  And how I evolved my mindset; learned to work smarter, not harder; and reached my goal of Financial Freedom.

You’ll not only be getting the PDF of my book, but I’ll also include access to the Audio Book narration.  So if reading is not your thing, you can just sit back and listen to it where ever and when ever you want.

Listen to what students are saying:

"If I had this course when I started, I would be so far ahead of where I am today. It would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars of learning things the hard way, and saved me years of time!"


If All This Course Did Was..

  • save you from making the same mistakes that cost other investors tens of thousands of dollars, wouldn’t it be worth it?
  • Or if all this course did was speed up your learning curve so that you reach Financial Freedom a few years earlierwouldn’t that be worth it?
  • Maybe your goal isn’t to retire early and have a 6-figure passive income. But even if all this program did was teach you enough so you could purchase just one good income property that put an extra 800 dollars into your pocket every month - wouldn’t  that be worth it?
  • Or what if, all this course did was help you take control of your finances, so that you could sleep better at night and not have constant anxiety about it. Or if all it did was help you make better decisions that resulted in just 1% extra, so that you retire with an extra fifty or a hundred thousand dollars more than you would have. Wouldn’t that be worth it?

Enroll Now

Our complete 3-in-1 System includes: 

    • Financial Fundamentals ($1700 value)

    • Stock Market Investing ($2200 value)

    • Real Estate Investing and Passive Income ($5000 value)

    • Plus core bonus content:

      • Downloadable PDF Workbooks and Course Notes ($500 Value)
      • Bitcoin, Gold, & Options Commentary ($300 Value)
      • Qualitative Stock Picking Checklist ($300 Value)
      • Detailed Action Steps/ Homework Assignments ($500 Value)
    • And Amazing Extra Bonuses:

      • Bonus: 5-Figure Side Hustle Bootcamp ($1200 Value)

      • Bonus: Inflation Commentary and Q&As ($300 Value)

      • Bonus: Audio Book and PDF: Financial Freedom Now ($30 Value)

You get a Complete, Life-Changing Road Map for Financial Freedom, and so much more!

… a total value of over $12,030




limited time special offer (USD)





Most Popular Option

  • A Complete Gameplan to Help You Reach Financial Freedom
  • Step-by-step Videos on Stock Market Investing, Real Estate, and Fundamentals
  • Downloadable PDF Workbooks & Notes
  • Fast Action Bonuses
  • Invest in your Financial Education and Change Your Life


4 Easy Payments


Monthly Payment Option

  • A Complete Gameplan to Help You Reach Financial Freedom
  • Step-by-step Videos on Stock Market Investing, Real Estate, and Fundamentals
  • Downloadable PDF Workbooks & Notes
  • Fast Action Bonuses
  • Invest in your Financial Education and Change Your Life
Ana V. Flight Attendant


Before the course, I was very apprehensive. But after I took the course, I can say that these guys are the real deal! This program teaches you a lot and it's 100% worth it! It's not only knowledge, but it's the experience that they have that is worth it, 100%!

If you’ve read this far, what are you waiting for?

For many people, Financial Freedom seems like this far off goal – like climbing a huge mountain. Is it really possible?

Listen, I’ve climbed that mountain (a few times now) and I’m back to tell you that it is! What’s more, I’m back with a map to show you the way! With me as your guide, the journey is not as difficult as you may think. I’ll show you what traps to avoid and which routes are the fastest and safest.  All it takes from you is the willingness to start, and to put one foot in front of the other. With the right map, the right actions, and a little patience, it’s 100% possible.

there are two types of people…

There are those that feel chained to their job – trapped and stuck on a never-ending treadmill of work. They know there is more to life, but don’t know how to get it. Financial security is an ever present concern. Despite all this, they don’t do anything about it. Like an ostrich, they just put their head in the sand and hope the problem goes away on its own (it won't).

Then there are those who may feel exactly the same way, BUT they are determined NOT to be trapped.  They want the freedom to do the things they really want with people they really care about. They set goals, invest in themselves, and take action to live up to their potential.

the question is, which type of person are you?

Imagine a year from today…

You have your finances in order. You know exactly what you need to do to achieve financial freedom and you have all the tools to do so. You have a game plan to build your stock market portfolio.  You have a game plan for your real estate portfolio.  You know how to make your money work for you, instead of working for your money.

Maybe you have a new passive income stream from your first investment property. Maybe your stock market portfolio is running on autopilot now. You’re no longer worried about how to manage your finances. You’re well on your way to escaping the 9-to-5 and making work optional.

You can do this – I’m proof that it’s possible and I’m here to coach you every step of the way! Become a Financial Freedom Renegade. Enroll in our course, and let’s make this happen!

Wishing you all the success in the world,
Jim Chuong

the choice is yours:



Most Popular Option

  • A Complete Gameplan to Help You Reach Financial Freedom
  • Step-by-step Videos on Stock Market Investing, Real Estate, and Fundamentals
  • Downloadable PDF Workbooks & Notes
  • Fast Action Bonuses
  • Invest in your Financial Education and Change Your Life


4 Easy Payments


Monthly Payment Option

  • A Complete Gameplan to Help You Reach Financial Freedom
  • Step-by-step Videos on Stock Market Investing, Real Estate, and Fundamentals
  • Downloadable PDF Workbooks & Notes
  • Fast Action Bonuses
  • Invest in your Financial Education and Change Your Life

P.S. Financial Freedom is something I hope everyone chasing that goal achieves. For me personally, beyond not having to worry about making a living, the freedom to spend time with my wife and daughter as she grows up, and the ability to provide them a great life, is perhaps the most priceless thing about financial freedom

I've been in your shoes, I know what it's like. And I can tell you that the only way I was able to make it from where I was, to where I am today, is by constantly learning and investing in myself.

With this course, you get everything I've learned over three decades of investing (not to mention Steve's three decades of experience too). You get to skip all of the pain and mistakes that we made - and learn everything the easy way. It couldn’t be a better deal!  Do your future-self a favour and be brave. Invest in yourself, get the training that will help you change the course of your life!

See you on the inside...

Jim Chuong

Frequently Asked Questions

More About Jim and Steve

Cyrus Sukhia, Director, BMO Capital Markets

Jim and Steve are each brilliant when it comes to personal finance and investing. I've known them for decades now, and whenever these guys have money ideas, I always pay close attention! They are both highly accomplished investors, and between the two of them, they have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience in the stock market, real estate, and business in general!

Lawrence Kenshin, Social Media Expert, MMA Analyst

Steve has an incredible amount of investing knowledge. He's beaten the market throughout his investing career with safe, value investing strategies. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have started investing and I definitely would've made a lot more bad choices. If you want to be financially free, and safely make your money work for you, then Steve is the guy you want to listen to!

Nicole Victoria, Money Coach - NoBudgetBabe

Jim is an incredible source of knowledge when it comes to financial literacy and education, and has a ton of knowledge when it comes to US stocks and real estate. We recently brought Jim in as a guest to our group program, and our participants loved him! He has a knack for communicating complex financial concepts in a fun and easy to understand way - I could talk to Jim for hours!

Vithushan N, Sr. Software Engineer

I just had a coaching session with Jim and Steve, and it went amazingly well! These guys have so much knowledge that they want to share. They were able to very easily able to identify where I was in the process of achieving financial freedom. They gave me actionable insights and scripts that I could use in my real life to help me get to the next level. We talked about a bunch of things, from real estate investing to career maximization. They just have a lot of experience that they want to share, and I'm just very excited to learn from them and see what they have in store next!

Cole Correia, Business Development Representative

As someone who lives to learn. I’m happy I’ve been able to find people who are willing to help you grow. Jim has allowed me to learn financial education on a simple and understandable level. With his knowledge and experience in real estate and US stocks he has been able to teach me an entire new realm of information. I’d urge anyone to simply reach out to Jim, as he has been known to offer guidance through his book recommendations and overall responsiveness.

Myrna Bergen, Executive Clinical Specialist

I've had the pleasure to know and work with Jim for almost 2 decades now. He always impressed with his knowledge of US stocks and real estate, and he would always share his knowledge acquired after shareholders meetings and other sources with me. He's very adept at communicating financial concepts and investment strategies at all levels for investors, and I'm thrilled that he's following his passion for educating financial literacy to benefit the general public. He's well worth your time and consideration. Especially now is the time to get smart about your future.

Zaid Rasid, Design Consultant

Steve is one of the brightest minds I have encountered. I’ve had the opportunity to be mentored by him in many areas, from finance, to fitness. I was lucky to be enrolled in one of his intensive coaching programs focusing on leadership, communication, and team building. From that program I developed valuable, real world skills that helped me both professionally and personally. Steve is a wealth of knowledge in many domains. He has a knack of being an excellent communicator with the ability to break down complex ideas into simple solutions that are easy to grasp and adopt. I look forward to continuing to learn from Steve.

Ron Cuttler, Builder & Investment Specialist, Berkshire Hathaway Homes

I have known Jim for over 10 years. He began investing in real estate in Phoenix after the financial meltdown in the US when everyone was panicking. With everyone abandoning housing and values plummeting, Jim dove right in and invested near the bottom of the market with values down over 70% from their 2005 highs. Since then, we've seen prices double and triple and rents rise significantly, returning exponential returns to investors brave enough to invest at the right time. Jim has shown a great understanding and ability to evaluate investments and make great decisions based on market dynamics, not herd mentality and emotions.

Jordan Highley, Money Coach - MakeMoreCapital

Jim has been an excellent resource and guide for me on the topic of money. He is experienced not only in the US markets but especially in US real estate where he made his largest investments and set himself up to retire early. He has a deep understanding of financial literacy which helps him simplify complex financial concepts in a way that makes them easy and digestible for the average person to understand. You're in great hands with Jim!


Besides having over 200,000 social media followers, Jim has also been featured in:

*Note: all testimonials on this page are real and unpaid. No guarantee of outcomes are expressed or implied. Outcomes may vary due to a number of factors, including user implementation. Users are responsible for their own progress, implementation, and results from the program.