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Meet Jim Chuong

Jim Chuong is an investor, author, and educator who specializes in helping others reach Financial Freedom.

Born to a humble immigrant family, Jim spent his early years doing what everyone else did (working hard but not smart). One day, he realized if he followed the same path as everyone else, he'd end up like everyone else.

Wanting a better life, Jim dedicated his every waking hour to mastering the money game. By systematically investing in stocks and real estate, he was able to go from grinding away at a meaningless 9-to-5 job, to achieving Financial Freedom by his early thirties.  Since then, his portfolio has continued to grow into the multi-millions, while spitting out a six figure passive income stream every year. No big risks. No tricks. Just smart, safe investment strategies that anyone can replicate. 

Now Jim has made it his mission to help others reach their Financial Dreams too!

Work With Jim

  • Speaking Engagements starting at $5000+ expenses
  • Text/Email Questions:
    • Text Answer $250
    • video Answer $300
  • Video Call (15 min minumum): $40/minute
  • In Person Private¬†¬†Coaching¬†- Coming Soon
  • Mastermind¬†Mentoring: Coming Soon

FREE Training

Check out our FREE resources. Get the knowledge you need to reach your Financial Goals!  

5 Ways to Reach Financial Freedom Faster!

Would you like to have more money ūüíįūüíįūüíį¬†than you know what to do with? And not have to worry about budget when buying toys, travelling, or enjoying your life?

In this free Guide, I'll cover 5 of my favourite ways that I've personally used to become a millionaire several times over! 

  • Warning!¬†¬†this is NOT your typical¬†B.S.¬†Get-Rich-Quick nonsense.¬† Instead, these are just solid, tried-and-true methods that work,¬†based on sound¬†Financial Fundamentals.

With these methods, I've built myself a ROCK SOLID FINANCIAL FORTRESS, that provides me and my family with freedom, security, and multiple streams of automatic income. The best part is that most of these methods are super simple, and half of them can be put on autopilot.

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Wealth Workshop: How to Make Your Next $100K+ in Stocks and Real Estate (even if you're starting from scratch)

Are you ready to learn my system that's allowed be to build a multi-million dollar portfolio of stocks and real estate? One that also produces six figures of passive income every year? 

In this free, one hour workshop, I go over the basics of a system I developed from over thirty years of investing. I'll show you what I'd do if I had to start from scratch and build up that first $100K+

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Fat FIRE Club Premium Training

Get in depth training and specialized knowledge to turbo charge your progress and live the life of your dreams!

3-in-1 Financial Freedom System

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Inner Circle

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Side Hustle Bootcamp

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